Great Casino Roulette Playing Tips to Reduce House Edge

Description: This article discusses some of the proven tricks and strategies that roulette players can take advantage of to reduce the house edge, thereby increasing their chances of winning by tilting the odds in their favor.


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Many players think that roulette is one of those casino games that seemingly offer the player absolutely no opportunity to use a strategy to increase their chances of winning unlike other table games such as blackjack and the classic Texas Holdem poker game.  If you love to play casino roulette, you may be interested in knowing that you can actually strategize a spin and tilt the odds in your favor by decreasing the house edge.  Truth is that roulette is not a game that has many points of weakness that a player can exploit, one of the best tricks to use to increase your chances of winning is smart betting.  Whenever you place a bet, it is always a negative bet.  For instance, placing a bet on one number can pay 35/1 if it wins but the actual chance of selecting the right number is 36/1 for European style roulettes and 37/1 for American style roulettes.

Martingale Strategy

Theoretically, the Martingale roulette strategy is the most profitable strategy that most roulette players use.  This is the perfect winning strategy for an individual who has a lot to bet with and plays on a roulette table that has high maximum betting limit.  Winning in roulette involves strategizing even before the game starts by selecting the right roulette table.  If you are in a casino that has both European and American styled roulette tables, you should play on the European style table because it offers greater odds of winning as the house has a 2% edge while the American one has a 5% house edge because of the extra 00 number.

The first thing you should to reduce the house edge in both American and British style casinos is to avoid using the Martingale system which includes double betting in consecutive plays.  The important thing the player should do is watch the dealer and get to form a pattern on how he or she tosses the ball and detect any anomalies in the spinning or bouncing of the ball.  Eventually, everything repeats itself and you can form a pattern that can help you predict where the ball will stop.

Biased Wheels

Before playing roulette, it is a good idea (and a sign of seasoning in the game) to try out the table to see if it has any biases.  One or two spins should reveal whether the wheel is unbalanced and therefore certain parts of the table have greater odds.  As a matter of fact, the only weakness in roulette that a player can exploit is the balancing issue, something that most established casino know and fix whenever they discover an imbalance.