Le Multicolore hybrid game

Le Multicolore is a game of chance that combines features of two games of chance: roulette and billiard. The game is very easy and entertaining to play. In the process of the game, the ball must land into one of the cups on the wheel. Each cup has is of different color and value. The players in Le Multicolore are supposed to predict what in what color cup the ball will land.

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Short history of Le Multicolore

Le Multicolore was introduced to the masses by Raymond Poincare who was President of France form 1913 to 1920. Since then it has become really popular in France and was often referred to as "people's roulette". Nowadays this game is often played in France in certain places called 'cercles de jeu' where traditional roulette casino game is prohibited.

How to play Le Multicolore

Le Multicolore game components are a large billiard table with a wheel on one of its ends. Le Multicolore wheel has 25 shallow cups each representing different color and value. There are:

  • 6 green cups,
  • 6 red cups,
  • 6 yellow cups,
  • 6 white cups,
  • 1 blue cup.

The blue cup represents number 24. Other color segments represent numbers according to the following system:

  • One cup in the same-color segment represents number 4,
  • Two cups represent number 2,
  • Three cups represent number 3.

So, for example, there are three yellow cups with number 3 on them, 2 yellow cups with number 2 and one with number 4. All numbers correspond to the payouts the winners may get.

The table layout for Le Multicolore is divided into different color sections corresponding to those on the wheel where the players place their bets.

Le Multicolore game process

The rules of Le Multicolore game are really easy. The players place their bets on different color sections on the table layout. Then the croupier hits an ivory ball with a cue sending it into a special rail. The ball crosses the layout, goes up a slope and falls onto a track on the wheel. The wheel doesn't necessarily have to spin as it does in classical roulette variants. It may remain static.


The ball stops in one of 25 shallow cups on the wheel and thus defines a winning color. The payments depend on the numbers imprinted on the cups. If the ball lands in a blue cup, the winners will get 24 to 1 payout. Other payouts comprise 4 to 1, 3 to 1 and 2 to 1 depending on the number the cup represents. If the player bets on color and zero comes out, he or she will lose the bet, just like in American roulette or most casinos with the European wheel except those offering the La Partage and En Prison rules.