Mini Roulette game fundamentals

mini roulette Mini Roulette is a single-zero European style roulette game. It is made on the same basis as the standard roulette model but has a significant difference: the mini-roulette wheel has only 13 colored pockets representing 12 numbers and a single zero. Mini Roulette table layout is very much like that in a classical European roulette game, but again it has fewer numbers on it.

Mini Roulette:  A Popular Variation

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A traditional table has 36 red and black numbers along with zero or zero and double-zero in green. Mini Roulette is a small scale version of the original rules. Mini Roulette has 12 red and black numbers along with a single zero in green. Less numbered spaces make it easier for the bettor to win at Mini Roulette but the payouts also decrease relative to the traditional game. Another significant difference is that if the game lands on an untouched zero in the original version, the bettor loses their entire wager. In Mini Roulette, the bettor only loses half their wager.

How To Play Mini Roulette

The game itself is identical to the traditional version. The ball is spun around the wheel and bets are awarded based on the number where it lands. Mini Roulette shares the same types of bets as the original version with alterations to the scale on winnings. Outside bets such as Red/Black and Odd/Even pay 1-1 as they do in the original version.

Mini Roulette Bet Types And Odds

  • Single Number: When the player wagers on any single number including the zero. This bet pays 11-1.
  • Split: When the player places a wager on the line between two numbers directly next to each other. The spaces of 1, 2, or 3 can be split with the zero. If the wheel lands on either of the two numbers this bet pays 5-1.
  • Trio: When the player places a wager on the corner connecting the 0-1-2 or 0-2-3. This bet pays 3-1.
  • Street: When the player places a wager on the exterior edge of the board corresponding with a “street” of the three numbers in that horizontal row. If the wheel lands on any of them this bet pays 3-1.
  • Corner: When the player places a wager on the quadripoint between four numbers. If the wheel lands on any of them this bet pays 2-1.
  • Column: When the player places a wager on the exterior edge at the base of the game board it covers a vertical column of 4 numbers. If the wheel lands on any of them this bet pays 2-1.
  • Red/Black: This is an “outside” wager on whether the number will be red or black. This bet pays even money, or 1-1.
  • Odd/Even: This is an “outside” wager on whether the number will be odd or even. This bet also pays even money.
  • 1-6 / 4-9 / 7-12: These are “outside” bets placed on sets of half the numbers on the board. If the wheel lands on a number within the corresponding set the player is paid even money.

Advantages Of Playing Mini Roulette

In this variation, the house edge is only 3.85% compared to a 5.2% advantage on a table with 38 numbers including 0 and 00. While the possibility of a 35-1 longshot doesn’t exist, over the course of a large sample size a bettor is more likely to succeed than in the original version. Basic wheel strategies involving proper bankroll management are simple enough even for beginners to learn and implement. Due to a more expansive board, the original game can be confusing or overwhelming to beginners. That is likely why the game is increasing in popularity among American, European, and French gamblers. The decreased probability of losing money also make it an attractive game for those just playing for fun. There is an abundance of online casinos that offer playing demos for free so that people can learn the game prior to taking the risk of wagering real money.

Mini Roulette rules

The rules of Mini Roulette are quite the same as in other roulette games. The players choose numbers and make their bets, and then the croupier spins the wheel and launches the ball. When the ball stops spinning, it falls into one of the red and black color pockets on the wheel. The croupier announces the winning number and gives payouts to the winners.

The fact that Mini Roulette has considerably fewer numbers means that the system of bets in this type of roulette game is different than in European roulette. Actually, it is much simpler. The player can bet either on a single number from 0 to 12, or on a whole 4-number row (3-6-9-12, 2-5-8-11 and 1-4-7-10), or on any of 6-number groups placed close by on the layout. There are also even-money bets like Even/Odd and Black/Red.

So, the following types of bets are differentiated in Mini Roulette casino game:

  • Straight bets that are made on a single number
  • Split bets that are made on two numbers placed next to each other
  • Street bets made on three numbers
  • Corner bets made on four numbers at the same time
  • Three bets made on numbers 0,1,2 or 0,2,3
  • Column bets made on any of the 4-number rows on the layout
  • Sixers bets (half dozen bets) made on six numbers (from one to six, from four to nine and from seven to twelve)
  • Black/Red bets
  • Odd/Even bets

Payout system

Considering that there are fewer numbers in Mini Roulette compared to the European variant of the casino roulette game, the payouts in Mini Roulette are also different:

  • Even Straight bets on a single number pay only 11 to 1,
  • Column bets pay 2 to 1,
  • Bets on Black/Red, Odd/Even and Sixers bets pay 1 to 1 - just like even money bets in the European or American roulette.

Also, Mini Roulette players have an opportunity to save half their bets if zero comes out. In such case no one loses his or her bets and half of the money is returned to the players. So, even if you don't get your winnings, it is still better than losing everything.

Even though the paybacks in Mini Roulette are fewer compared to that in European roulette, playing this game is still a more secure way to increase your funds. The thing is there are only 13 possible winning numbers in the game, while in European roulette you are supposed to guess among 36 numbers. Besides, in Mini Roulette, if you make your bet on any number or group of numbers and zero is the result, you will still get back 50% of your bet.