High Roller Bonuses FAQ

Starting to play at casinos online, each gambler meets certain problems of understanding of all online casino peculiarities, including terminology and some aspects of playing online. It goes without saying, that in order to gain success at online casino, a player should clearly understand all of the details of online gambling.

We have a separate article of our site devoted to the gambling bets and payouts. Another thematic group of terminology that should be explained is related to bonus system and the most-popular offers, which online casino may eventually present to a player. High roller bonus is one of them.

What is the high roller bonus?

New casino players frequently ask a question: Which are high roller bonuses? To be precise with the definition, it is important to understand first what is a casino bonus. Bonus is a special kind of casino promotions that is offered to a player for the accomplishing of some requirements, including just being a member of certain gambling house.

High roller bonus is a usually a money reward that is offered to a casino player as a gratitude for making huge deposits. Requirements for becoming a player of such type are different in all online casinos.

How VIP club and high rollers are connected?

As a rule, all casino high rollers become members of VIP casino clubs. However, there are casinos where members of VIP clubs and high rollers belong to different groups of players and receive different bonuses and rewards for their achievements. At these casinos, the policy of VIP club membership has additional rule that establishes limits on the time of being a member of the casino. It means that a new player cannot become a VIP member even if he makes some big deposits.

What rewards high roller bonuses usually bring?

The reward of high-roller bonus is regularly determined by the casino. Types of high-roller bonuses may be as following:

  • Money added to player’s account
  • Increased cashback
  • More free spins
  • Increased rewarding of comp-points for playing games